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حالة OEM: سلسلة Acer ENDURO

تعد أيسر أفضل شركتين لتصنيع أجهزة الكمبيوتر في تايوان ، وقد شكلت نظامًا بيئيًا متعدد العلامات التجارية خلال سنوات من التخطيط. تأخذ شركة أيسر "كسر الحواجز بين التقنيات والأشخاص" كمهمة تاريخية لها ، وتلتزم بالتصميم الإنساني ، وتعمل باستمرار على تطوير تكنولوجيا الرعاية لتزويد المستهلكين بسهولة الاستخدام وموثوقية.

oem case acer enduro series

ACER' Enduro N7 made by Emdoor Info -- An original manufacturer from China

Acer Enduro N7 Fully-rugged Laptop

Have you heard of Acer Enduro N7 Fully-rugged Laptop? 

This famous tough device is manufactured by a Chinese factory called Emdoor Info.

"Why we choose Emdoor Info as a partner from so many vendors, the answer is that it offers what we really need. Emdoor is one of China's largest and most experienced providers of rugged computing systems. Its excellent production strength makes it become a good choice of ODM and OEM partner to many well-known companies, including our ACER." said Acer's project manager.


With the development of informatization, the Internet of Things, and 5G, more and more mobile terminals have begun to appear in various non-office work scenarios. With the strategic goal of exploring new opportunities and expanding into adjacent territories, Acer has set its sights on the rugged computer market.

Acer Enduro N7 Fully-rugged Laptop

Rugged laptops are used for anyone who has to work outdoors for any length of time, such as construction sites, geological surveys, and military applications. They need to resist the bumps and bruises of mobility better than standard-issue portables. Therefore, Acer puts forward high-quality requirements for products. On the other side, in order to ensure that consumers can buy useful products at the most affordable price, Acer sets the standard for partners as an original manufacturer.


It is an exciting thing for Emdoor to receive the demand for the Acer Enduro series, which is not only a recognition of OEM capability but also proof that Emdoor can create value for the brand's C-end.

Acer Enduro N7 Fully-rugged Laptop

"Faced with the demands we put forward, Emdoor Info's R&D team has given very professional opinions, which I think is inseparable from their years of industry customization experience. In addition, their excellent product quality and convincing production strength are also essential guarantees to help us submit a satisfactory answer to our customers," said Acer's manager.

Emdoor is a designer and manufacturer of rugged handheld devices, tablets, notebooks, PCs, and vehicle mount computers, as well as a provider of customized hardware and software solutions. It has an R&D team of over 300 people, and also a more than 2000 square meters professional workshop. The products from Emdoor, whether it is motherboard, structure or software, are controlled by a professional testing team. Its quality has withstood the rigorous examination of many parties. With a powerful assembly line, it can produce 15,000 to 30,000 rugged devices a month. Even in the face of large-scale orders, the delivery time can be effectively guaranteed.

Manufacturing of Acer Enduro N7 Fully-rugged Laptop

Manufacturing of Acer Enduro N7 Fully-rugged Laptop

In the development stage of the N7 fully-rugged Laptop, in response to the various requirements mentioned by Acer, Emdoor Information provided rational solutions with a professional technical level. Timely with hassles in the project process is something Emdoor has been doing. And also is a key to guaranteeing on-time delivery. All works made by Emdoor Info have drawn a perfect end for the cooperation.


Advantages of Acer Enduro N7 Fully-rugged Laptop

"The OEM service provided by emdoor will give more spaces to our customers. They can sell rugged computing equipment to companies that combine the hardware with their name, history, expertise, software, turn-key solutions, service, and consulting arrangements." Emdoor's project manager said.

Emdoor's welcomes all resellers, large end-users, system integrators, to be our partners. Together for a shared future.

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